HBO’s ‘The Day Sports Stood Still’ Relives COVID-19 Shutdown And Reminds Us Top Athletes Are Human Too

For sports, the seriousness of the emerging pandemic started coming into focus when Chris Paul, his teammates and opponents walked off the court in Oklahoma City on March 11, 2020. And that’s exactly where HBO’s newest documentary “The Day Sports Stood Still” begins. It captures the outset of the pandemic, the ebbs and flows that followed and the … Read more

Long Time Radio Personality Chris Hogan Leaves Ramsey Solutions

Chris Hogan, long time radio personality and author, announced in a video on Twitter today that he has left Ramsey Solutions after failing to meet the company’s standards. “Recently it’s come to light that I’ve done some things personally that are not in line with Ramsey Solutions, and as a result I’m no longer a … Read more

Are Biofuels Worth the Investment ?

Over the years, there has been a great deal of hope placed on biofuels to help the world move away from traditional fossil fuels. Yet while global biofuel production has grown more than sixfold over the last decade, according to the International Energy Agency, they still only account for 3 percent of all road fuel … Read more

Top 5 Wall Street Films To Watch If You Haven’t Seen Them Already

American Psycho (2000) 4.5/5 If you’ve seen The Dark Knight trilogy and want to see Christian Bale play the joker, you should watch this movie. It uses the world of finance as a backdrop to an investment banker’s descent into madness. It’s funny and quotable. See this movie. Patrick Bateman feeling smart   Wall Street … Read more