Micromobility Operator Veo Looks To Expand Its Accessible Bikes And Scooters

Over the last 10 years, bike sharing has become a hot new market for many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Micromobility companies like Bird, Bolt Mobility and Lime have popped up all over the world. However, despite many important technological innovations, this industry has not been an easy one to crack. But one company who has … Read more

LA-based Outdoor Brand Retrospec Out With New E-bike

With the effects of the pandemic still being felt by many, there’s no doubt that the sports and leisure industry has continued to benefit. After all, working from home and having to quarantine at times has made venturing out of the living room that much more enticing.  It’s created the perfect storm for e-bikes, which … Read more

Why Nubocha Will Make You Crave Dairy-Free Ice Cream

When I first heard about Nubocha’s ice cream and saw their website, the first thought I had was, “Wow, I don’t think ice cream can get any healthier than this.” The company advertised the dessert as 100% vegan, low glycemic, gluten free and dairy free, among other things. Everything you hope for if you’re on … Read more

Is Solar Energy Worth Your Investment ?

Our sun creates energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation by means of nuclear fusion in its core. And over here on earth, we’ve developed solar technologies to capture this radiation and convert it into a useful form of energy for us. Mainly electricity. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells are the most common and well … Read more

Dave Ramsey Weighs In On Crypto, Christianity and Finances, Worst Financial Advice He’s Gotten And More

Over the past several decades, Dave Ramsey has been advising regular folks on everything from paying off debt to buying a first home and saving for retirement. He’s an evangelical Christian the author of seven best-selling personal finance books, including “The Total Money Makeover.” Not to mention the host of “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which … Read more

LA-based Eyecare Company Lensabl Raises $5 Million For Its Online Benefits Platform

If there’s anything we’ve become more reliant on in the past year with the pandemic, it’s online shopping. But when it comes to things like buying a new pair of glasses, many of us are still used to going to a brick-and-mortar shop, finding our favorite frames and placing an order for our prescription.  That … Read more

LA-based Outdoor Fitness Brand Retrospec Enters the E-Bike World

Since selling their first bike in 2009, Retrospec, a Los Angeles-based ecommerce recreation and fitness brand, has expanded their product line to include gear for skaters, paddle boarders, snowboarders, yoga lovers and others. And now after a fruitful 2020, where more Americans found themselves heading outdoors amid the pandemic, they’ve also entered the e-bike market. … Read more

Why I Started My Very Own Handmade Stationery Business And How It’s All Going

Why did I start my own side hustle?  As a recent college grad with student loans and an entry-level salary, I started thinking of ways to save more for the future and pay off my student loans (with accruing interest) faster… And like a lot of people, when the pandemic hit, I started by learning … Read more