LA-based Outdoor Brand Retrospec Out With New E-bike

With the effects of the pandemic still being felt by many, there’s no doubt that the sports and leisure industry has continued to benefit. After all, working from home and having to quarantine at times has made venturing out of the living room that much more enticing. 

It’s created the perfect storm for e-bikes, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. So much so that after dipping its toes in the market last year, Retrospec, the L.A.-based e-commerce outdoor brand, is at it again with a new e-bike: the Koa Rev.

Retrospec’s CEO Ely Khakshouri told us that the Koa Rev is an electric fat tire bike designed for comfort.

“The wheels and fat tires make it feel big and able to ride over all types of terrain with ease,” he said. “The frame geometry enhances that comfort with phenomenal ergonomics.”

Compared to its predecessor, the Koa Rev is larger, it weighs about 68 lbs and its battery gives it a range of up to 46 miles. The Beaumont Rev on the other hand weighs 58 lbs and depending on the motor you choose has a range of either 28 or 37 miles.

Khakshouri told us that people’s desire to get out of the house and try new biking grounds will be well served by the Koa Rev’s versatility.

“With its knobby tires, suspension fork, disc brakes, and fenders, this is a bike you can ride anywhere and on anything – dirt, snow, mud, rain, you name it,” he said.

Last year, e-bike sales in the US grew by 145%, according to the World Economic Forum. So naturally, you’d think that Restrospec’s e-bike sales might’ve surpassed their non-electric counterparts. But Khakshouri said that that’s not yet the case for them.

“We’ve been a bike brand for over a decade and an electric bike brand for less than a year, so we are still selling more pedal bikes than e-bikes,” he explained. “That said, we have been pleasantly surprised by people’s taking to our electric bikes and foresee them overtaking our pedal bike sales faster than we originally anticipated.”

With all their success with e-bikes, Khakshouri told us that the future also looks bright for similar kinds of products.

 “E-mobility is at the forefront of our product plans, and more electric products are definitely in the works,” he said. “We’re really excited to announce them soon!”

The Beaumont Rev currently retails at $1,199.99, while the new Koa Rev is priced at $1,799.99.

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