Are Biofuels Worth the Investment ?

Over the years, there has been a great deal of hope placed on biofuels to help the world move away from traditional fossil fuels. Yet while global biofuel production has grown more than sixfold over the last decade, according to the International Energy Agency, they still only account for 3 percent of all road fuel energy. And while made out of plant matter rather than oil, they still come with their own costs and concerns.

That’s why today in our first episode on green investing at LA Daily Finance, our friend Alejandro Rossi, who’s on his way to becoming a biologist, is looking at whether biofuels are worth the investment.



About the Author

Alejandro Rossi

Alejandro Rossi is a Los Angeles native but has spent extensive time living abroad. As a biology student and travel enthusiast, Alejandro has taken these interests and started a YouTube channel under his name. You can find his channel at: Also, you can find him on Instagram @el_ale_rossi.